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NYGPS mail group now has 400 members!

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NYGPS now has 400 members!



From our homepage --


"While the NYGPS group was originally intended for NYS educators who are exploring the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) and the Internet for math, science & social studies instruction, we have since expanded to include all teachers, college faculty & professional GPS users who are interested in this topic. Our goal is to create meaningful learning activities for students. We will work to build a community of educators who are integrating the use of GPS and mapping technology into their state curriculums for math, science and social studies. The learning activities that result will inherently address many national and NYS learning standards. We intend that through the use of GPS and mapping technology, students will practice the vital language arts and communication skills they will need to complete hands-on, inquiry-based, collaborative projects involving higher order thinking skills. We know that students who learn to use GPS and mapping technology will gain a set of highly desirable skills for future employment in business, industry, and government. We hope that through the use of these important analytical tools our students will become productive, succesful citizens who know how to ask questions, solve problems, communicate effectively, and inform themselves about the local and global issues that affect their lives. After you complete the process to "join this group", please feel free to use the lefthand index sections to upload and share files, photos & links."


Anton, owner

NYGPS mail group


Anton - N2RUD

Syracuse, NY

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