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Suggestions for state ss conference?

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I'm a teacher at a small school in Washington State. I've been asked to do a presentation on geocaching at the Washington State Council for the Social Studies on Sept. 11. I'm hoping to find some folks who are very experienced with caching (as I know you to be) who can give me suggestions for my presentation.


I use geocaching in my classoom by: maintaining a site and tracking visitors, following travel bugs, and occasionally taking students on a hunt for caches. My purpose has simply been for students to become proficient at using latitute & longitude cooridinates, to become familiar with various place names (especially in Washington) and to have a lot of fun.


I've already got some great ideas from the board here.


I've presented to teachers twice before and they always head out to purchase GPS receivers afterwards. This sport is contagious!


I am hoping to find someone who will "loan" me a collection of GPS navigators so I can take my class of teachers on a hunt and have them all get to "hold the thingy" as they say.


Thanks in advance for ideas!

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