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Help! GPS education project!

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I was just contacted by a woman who has access to multiple GPS units through an educational organization and wants to teach children how to use GPS technology (and the meaning of it). I'm not clear on this, but I think the organization is maybe aimed at either disadvantaged or gifted children (or maybe both, or maybe neither, I didn't get that clear). It is called (I think) Brightlights (she is mailing me info about it). I guess I should have clarified that with her when I talked to her, not that it matters. Regardless, she has the ability to spend around 15 active hours with the children on this. She got my name from a place/organization where I placed a cache and was interested in the idea of caching, but she was not very knowledgable about geocaching since this is all new to her. Anyway, she is looking at putting together a program covering maybe both orienteering and GPS. I told her I would help. What I need to know is what kind of educational games can be set up for kids to play with, and learn about, GPS technology outside of looking for a cache? And, how can I present GPS technology as an educational experience (outside of caching, which would very likely be included)? I also think I have seen some references to things that could be useful on this board, so feel free to Markwell me! If anyone can give me ideas and help, I would really appreciate it! Basically, it seems that there are enough hours available to go beyond caching and cover other uses of GPS technology. I would realy like to help this person and make it a good experience for the kids! Any help/thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!



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Search the internet for some other uses. Some I found are...


www.gpsinformation.net a wealth of information

www.gpsdrawing.com art with GPS tracks

geodashing.home.attbi.com worldwide game of finding points


You might hide some coins, flags, etc. and see how many each team can find in a set time.


Also, mention Search and Rescue uses. Maybe contact your local fire dept, or city/county GIS dept for more info.


Good Luck!




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