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Scotland Tour Blair Atholl - Cairngorms - Aviemore

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There may not be many, but what there are, are worth doing. I would suggest doing a PQ for the area, and then filter that down using the favourite points. I don't think you will be disappointed with the results.


Just one side note, do the caches at the Falls of Bruar, which are just a few miles North of Blair Atholl. A good walk and you start at a tourist shopping stop.

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If you are actually "hiking", then I presume that you will be travelling by foot from Blair Atholl through the Cairngorm National Park?


Perhaps you are walking through the Lairig Ghru via White Bridge? Or are you travelling by car up the main A9 road?


There are many caches around the edge of the Natioanl Park area but unfortunately, there are not many inside the actual mountain area of the Park itself. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main reason for the lack of mountain caches is the problem of gaing permission from the Park Rangers. In many cases, they do not give permission and have actually removed caches that have been placed. It is far easier to obtain permission from the landowners of the lower lying areas.


I am writing this comment as someone who lived near Aviemore for over 20 years and as the owner of many caches still around that area.

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