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Adoption of cache series

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Wonder if there is anybody willing to adopt the Ashcott Circle GC2V9Q4 and Catcott Circle GC2V9Q4 series of caches, I have a worsening injury (possible ankle fusion in the offing) which means that I will soon be unable to maintain these caches and need them adopted A.S.A.P.

There have been a lot of favorite points awarded and it would be a shame to have to archive them.

Any takers ?

Pm me please.

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I used to think adopting caches was preferable to archiving but I've changed my mind.


Unless a cache is historically important (set pre 2006 maybe?) or is 'grandfathered in' in some way, I'd encourage archiving rather than offering for adoption



  • Because the credit for setting the caches will remain with you
  • The cache pages will be preserved as how YOU wanted them
  • Once they are adopted they can be changed beyond all recognition and you'd have no say in what happens to them.
  • I have seen great caches ruined after adoption
  • It opens up an area for someone else to set new caches
  • You can collect up the pots and re-use them elsewhere :)




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