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Does BaseCamp for Mac fully delete geocaches?

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There have been a number of threads here from folks who are just getting accustomed to the newer Garmin GPS receivers that connect to computers as external hard drives. One issue that has come up repeatedly is that on Macs, simply dragging geocaches (or other files) from the GPSr to the Trash does not truly erase them from the unit; you have to empty the Trash. (Perhaps even while the GPSr is connected? I'll have to test that.) So if someone has a lot of GPX files on the device they may think they've freed up disk space when they actually haven't, thus eventually leading to an inability to add new files.


Those of you who use BaseCamp for Mac to put files onto and remove files from your GPSr, does it do a true erase of removed files, or do you still have to empty the Trash in order for the removal to "take"? I'd like to know how it behaves so I can provide better advice to other Mac owners in the future.



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Short answer: Basecamp does fully delete waypoints and other items when you tell it to. No need to worry about emptying the trash.


Longer answer: Most Mac programs with a delete command do just that. Mac users only have to think about "emptying the trash" in the Finder (Mac equivalent to Windows Explorer) when they drag an item to the trash. Just like Windows Explorer, files you put in the trash (or recycle bin) are really just set aside in a special folder so you can recover them later if you change your mind. Because this special folder (a hidden folder called ".Trashes") resides on each disk/device (GPS, hard drive, thumb-drive, etc) , you do need to empty the trash while that device is connected.


You can also delete a file or group of files immediately without sending them to the trash folder -- by selecting files in the Finder and pressing Command-Delete.


And making this an even longer answer: Blue Harvest lets users configure non-Mac volumes and network drives to NOT have a trash folder (or any Mac specific hidden files) at all. I highly recommend it to Mac users who frequently connect DOS/Windows-formatted devices to their computers.



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Thanks for the information, everyone!


I guess "drag to Trash" and "Cmd-Delete" (or delete within an app) are the Mac OS GUI versions of "del" and "rm," respectively, in UNIX.


Anyway, good to know that people who use BaseCamp don't have to take any extra steps to erase GPX files from their Garmins.



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