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Paperless Caching Car Gps:Garmin nuvi 500 or 550?

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Looking at getting a car gps where I can preload caches in an area with all information. Does it really matter what kind of Nuvi I purchase? Or were these the only 2 models that came with geocaching software? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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i have a 550, even used it a few times for geocaching. I found the userface was not the best. Ergonomically, unless you have a large hand, it is too big to hold comfortably. They have cleaned it up on the newer handhelds, oregon, montana, dakota.


If money isn't a big issue, i would recommend a Montana. it has an automobile profile that is the same as the nuvi's. with the auto cradle, you gain a speaker so it will speak just like thee nuvi also. Holds 12000, yes 12000 geocaches. Profiles are highly customizable.


if your older and your eyes aren't what they used to be, the 4" screen is much better too.

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The 500 comes w/ topo and the 550 I believe has Canada......only two factory made for geocaching.

We liked our 500 and used it for paperless functions until we got paperless handhelds.

I've always liked my Nuvi 780 for driving to a cache....never used the 500 for driving.

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