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Would this be considered destroyed?

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This mark, set in a bridge sidewalk, was a fun one.


The mark looks OK:




However, as you zoom out things begin to not look so good…





Here is the entire bridge:







We were driving along and saw these concrete pieces in the gravel along the side of the road. Once we figured out what they were I asked Mrs. TillaMurphs: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could find a disk in there somewhere?!” She and disk dog took off and found the mark before I could.


After some research we found out that these pieces were 2.4 miles from their original location. We went to the original location and saw the new bridge. Wow, was it ugly compared to the original. It was not only ugly but the quality of this new bridge was atrocious.


The aesthetics of original bridge were unique – it had beautiful painted wooden postwork.


Have a look at the photos below to compare this with the ugliness of the new bridge (that is already crumbling in some places).







Here is the cool post work on the original:






Here is the NEW bridge – crumbling concrete, patches and jagged cuts in the metal rails – ick.





More pictures can be found here: QB0668

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Well, since z & y don't mean much to a Bench Mark, I would call it POOR until the Washington Monument crew can get out there with their differential leveling e1quipment and tie into enough other BM's for an official RESET. MEL

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