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Irish-You're ****ing Me Off

The Tungsten Jihad!

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I was silent when the finds disappeared from the map page. I was silent when the first deadline for the improved map page came and went.


We're working on a better mapping solution which should be available by the end of May.


I've been waiting patiently for this second deadline. Look at the calendar Jeremy. I'm now at the end of my patience. icon_mad.gif


For me the map page was very useful in planning out my caching day. Please put the whip to the horses and get this thing fixed.



ps I still think you're doing a great job with the site. icon_smile.gif


And the dragon comes in the NNIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHH!!

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and since he is paying, it's faster, and better accomplished with pocket queries. Take your PQ, filter out the caches you dont want with Watcher (no virtuals, or only easy/hard caches, or only cache north of home, etc) then run the new gpx file thru GPSbabel, to convert it to a format some real mapping software can use. Pick the caches you want, tell the software to plan the route, print driving directions from cache to cache, the works. All in about the same time it took those old maps to load if you had alot of finds


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Jeremy, you're making me giddy with anticipation.


You know, I'll gladly take the additional features rather than getting them now. (Tungsten... you haven't gotten into those payday loans, too, have you? icon_wink.gif_


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Originally posted by DustyJacket:

"...He is paying. Check his "name".

[i am not condoning his demeanor. Not sure if he is not half joking.]..."

I did indeed notice that 'The Tungsten Jihad!' was a premium member at the time of my initial post, but - unless I missed something - the complaints in his lead post had to do with features that are available to anyone for free (online GeoCache map functionality).

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Originally posted by The Tungsten Jihad!:

For me the map page was very useful in planning out my caching day.

I use ExpertGPS for this. It's much easier, and you can even zoom and pan around. You can look at either topo maps or aerial photos.


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Originally posted by LilDevil:

Originally posted by The Tungsten Jihad!:

For me the map page was very useful in planning out my caching day.

I use http://www.expertgps.com/ for this. It's much easier, and you can even zoom and pan around. You can look at either topo maps or aerial photos.

There are lots of tools and options. If I'm hunting urbans I do this:

.gpx->GPX Spinner->gpsbabel->mapsend.wpt file

I then load the .wpt in MapSend and printout the street maps.


If I'm hunting on the trail I do this:

.gpx->GPX Spinner->gpsbabel->TOPO!.tpg file

Then I load the .tpg into TOPO! and print out the topo maps.


I know it's a lot of steps, but it makes me feel smart that I can pull it off. icon_wink.gif Plus, if you are lazy you could put all of the above into a macro that you could just double-click. icon_smile.gif



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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Yeah, Pocket Queries can sort the wheat from the chaff, but it's just not the same. The ability to call up a map of your area and visualize your next trip was very handy, and it didn't involve umpteen steps. Plus even after I do all this downloading/parsing/reconfiguring, I still can't click on the little box and jump to the cache page. How about a visual pocket query? You get a snapshot of your home coordinates with your finds marked off on the map?

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Using my pocket querries and map point or streets and trips I can generate a pretty nice map in under 5 minutes.


Here's an example




I have all the caches hyperlinked to their cache pages and each type of cache has a different push pin.



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We travel out of darkness into faith.


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Originally posted by Criminal:

But seeing that subject line makes me wonder what “__****”__ is. Jerk? Ripp? Chew? Rubb?


A few more immediately came to mind, but I choose to not touch them with a 10' pole!


Co-workers were giving me strange looks because of my laughter as the thoughts came and went.





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I agree that it is a bit frustrating to go through all the extra work to get what we used to get without any hassle - just a simple map showing caches found and caches not found.


I was very encouraged a couple months ago by the proposed new mapping solution. I hope it comes online soon.


I guess the bigger frustration is to see all the other changes that have come online that, to me, are less important (like the travel bugs, event caches, etc on the individual state pages and the total forum overhaul).


I'm still thankful and grateful for this site and hope to continue being an enthusiastic supporter financially.



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Well, I don't like the tone of the heading of the thread, but I can understand the person's frustration.


Using the old map, it was very easy to visualize "pockets" of unfound caches and decide in which direction to head off. I agree that we shouldn't have to use several add-on programs to accomplish that simple task. In my opinion, that old map was superior to and more convenient than pocket queries. All the information I needed was right in front of me in one place.


I hope the replacement product is as good.

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It's not the delays that annoy so much as the misinformation. Keeping us in the dark, intentionally or not, is very bad form. Look at the Geocaching Announcement forum: one post this year! That's embarrassing. News, even bad news about delays, would be welcome. Hard to understand why there isn't a monthly status report to members.


The maps were important to me and I look forward to the improved system--at least I hope it's an improvement! (Unlike the "new" Forums which don't do much for me.) I use queries but find them cumbersome. Working from a visual data base is much more appealing.

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