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Paying for Waymarking!

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I really enjoy Waymarking, but often feel that it's the red headed step child of geocaching. It's quite evident, by the continuing errors in things like "There's a book about it" (over a month). I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but I'd be willing to pay $10 - $15 per year if Waymarking were taken seriously by Groundspeak. I mean come on, pocket queries, error fixes. If 1000 people (and I'm sure there'd be more) gave $10 each, they'd have $10,000 to play with to come up with something. If it's money that drives change, please take my $10.



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Considering the dynamics of the boards here, I am not sure if you would put together 1.000 members. I wouldn't pay myself. I am already a PM, I am not paying twice for the same thing. If at least GS had kept the PM thing out of Waymarking.... but no... if you are not PM you have restrictions in WM.

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Having an additional premium membership is not a viable idea. Like Geocaching.com, the basic features are FREE and the same premium membership adds additional features to both platforms. Adding another layer just for Waymarking.com would not be a good enhancement. Premium membership should give PQ's on both platforms. That sounds logical to me, anyway. And, PQ's and an API would greatly increase participation. That should be incentive enough.


Having a "Donate" button on the site might not be a bad idea with contributions going to a R & D fund. There would be no pressure for anyone to donate, but the option would be there. I doubt that Groundspeak would see this as compatible with their basic philosophy, though.


The real answer is to find ways to make Waymarking.com profitable instead of having it be a drain on resources. That's where we need to be brainstorming ideas.

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One brainstorming idea (ouch), would be to link the numerous waymarks that relate to tourism to the numerous people who are tourists. Bus and train stations, with timetables and travel advice, statues, hotels, restaurants, and such would be of interest. We waymarkers (if I say so myself) do an excellent job of documenting these sites, and we would provide both a vetted and objective view. Something sadly missing in many of the commercial travel websites that currently present this info to the vagabonds of the world.

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Please remember that what people purchase is a Groundspeak Premium Membership which is valid across the family of websites. It was a value-add when they included Waymarking at no additional cost and that remained true when Wherigo and Challenges were also added later.

Sure, I bet Geocaching is the best seller. On the other hand, there might be members like me who don't need Premium Membership for their 3-5 traditional caches per weekend, but they'd renew their membership if there was any hope that the worst WM bugs would be fixed and perhaps new functionality added.


Come on, the S/E coordinates automagically changing to N/W were supposed to be fixed 2.5 years ago, still no progress on that. There is still no consistent Unicode support (over 1 year) and portrait photos on WM pages are still blurred (ok this one is new, just 3 months). I guess I'll keep up to my 1000th waymark and then move to wikimedia or local sites.

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