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New iPad - GPS performance

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Thinking of getting a new iPad, enabled on Verizon LTE network.


Interested in hearing from anyone who has a late-model iPad with cellular service -- how well does the GPS perform? I wouldn't be using it much for geocaching, but road trips and such - is the built in GPS good enough for on the road and walking about town navigation? Outside of cellular coverage area, how is the GPS by itself?

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As you know I have only had mine for a month or so but I do have some thoughts. The cellular service is great. There appear to be more and more 4g areas coming online as I am surprised I have it and it is fast. You only get 2G for $35 which is much higher than I was paying for my Xoom ($35 for 2g). I also miss Skype typing.


I have the froggies and geosphere on it. I don't expect to use it for caching but a couple of times after parking the RV in Walmart I have used it to find the closest and it has taken me directly to the correct lamp post.


Since 99% of my caching is hiking/biking I don't expect to use it for caching. The lack of a standard USB port is annoying for logging but other than caching I can live without it. Most of my traveling is in my 5th wheel so packing the laptop along isn't a problem.

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Walt, thanks for your input. I'll be switching from an iPhone with a $55-$60 a month bill (voice+data, but I almost never use it as a phone!) to what will probably be a $25-$35 data-pnly bill, so I don't mind the price. My first year saving will pay for a big chunk of the device's purchase price.


I'm a little puzzled by this bit of your note though:


...You only get 2G for $35 which is much higher than I was paying for my Xoom ($35 for 2g)....

That doesn't look any different to me. And Verizon's pricing page says 2GB is $30. Are you with AT&T or Vz?


FWIW, I usually do a little bit better on these monthly bills than some folks, because I always check for discounts: Both AT&T and Vz offer discounts on plans to both active duty military and veterans. And contractors working for the military. I qualify on both of those.


If either of those affiliations ever fail to get me a discount, I pull out the AARP card, AAA, NRA, etc... until I find something that works :D

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oops typo. I was getting 3Gig on the Xoom for that price. Verizon offers 15% off for vets I recently heard. I am guessing that their profit margin selling the iPad is less than the xoom so the increase in price.


One good thing is that overages are $10 a gig which is actually pretty reasonable. They also notify you at 50%, 75%, 90%, 100% and over that via email and text if you have a phone.

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