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iPhone App & Saved GPS Files

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OOPS - I meant "GPX Files"


I used this a few times while it was live and it was the best thing ever.


Still now I can upload a GPX to gc.com.... but that's as far as it gets. It doesn't show up in the PQ list as it is supposed to. Since the code for this already existed and was disabled, I can only guess that it was part of some deal with another developer? The API offers many new possibilities, and having this as a freebie undercuts one of the Frog's new friends...??


Please turn it back on!! It's a great way to organize a pack of caches for a day trip.


Are there plans in the future to reinstate this functionality?

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Are there plans in the future to reinstate this functionality?

I don't think so. They disabled this feature in favour of people using the "corrected coordinates" feature, but they don't realize people use it for other purposes. Also, they disabled it but left the upload page up to thoroughly confuse the unaware. Why, I have no idea.

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