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Illinois--IDNR permits

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I know there are a ton of caches in state parks in Illinois. I just set one out in Lowden, but was giving it some time to check for muggle activity before creating the listing. It struck me that it was odd that there were no other caches in the park, so I emailed the superintendent, and he sent me a list of their cache requirements. Aside from needing to submit the request in writing and including the location marked on a topo map, it states that the container needs to be clear and I need to check on it once every 30 days and communicate that I have done so with the superintendent. If I don't do this, apparently the cache will be removed.


So I suppose if I want to deal with that, I can. But now I'm curious about the many, many caches that don't have the required info on the cache listing (placed with permission, items to keep out of the cache, visitors are responsible for following site rules). I've certainly found many that aren't in clear containers also. That indicates to me that they didn't get permission to place them. I suppose I wouldn't have known about the requirements if I hadn't wondered why no one had grabbed up any hiding places already (I thought maybe they weren't allowed in that park at all). I don't want to be the cache police, but now that I know, I kinda feel like a note or PM to owners might be in order for other hides in state parks that I look for. Technically, these also violate Groundspeak's policy as they don't have permission to be placed.


How far do you think our responsibility extends in such cases? PMs to the owners? Posting a NA log if they don't respond? Some of these have been great hides. At least the IDNR allows us to place caches, but I wonder if the policy might change if they discover a bunch of unapproved caches in sensitive areas, for example.

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You make some good points and concerns, for I hope every cache found in State Parks has some type of permission to be there. In the St. Louis area or the Central Illinois Area, we find that every superintendent has different qualifications. Some allow metal boxes because squirrels eat the plastic ones. Some do not allow PVC pipe and some do. Some allow the container to be painted as long as the bottom is clear to see the contents. The common rule is they all require a permit. I believe each manager of their State Park has been given the flexibility to change the requirements as they would like. Some require a one year permit and others allow them to stay as long as they are properly maintained. The managers, we have talked to, realize the more geocaches they have in their parks, the more visitors they get. The more visitors, the more revenue. In Illinois, revenue is key, so they are flexible with us to put out low maintenance containers.

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Makes sense that the particular rules would differ...but I can assume that all of them include that the cache listing state that the CO has permission and the bits about content and site rules. One of the six caches in another state park clearly states that, the others don't. So are those violating Groundspeak policy?

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