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HTML tags abbr & acronym are filter out

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On the Report a new Cache page, if you check the box under Details for "The descriptions below are in HTML", a list of "Valid HTML Tags" and allowed attributes are displayed. However, some of these HTML tags are filtered out anyway.


I'm not going to test every tag listed but the tags I attempted to use are abbr and acronym.

Example: <acronym title="Cache In Trash Out" lang="en">CITO</acronym>

However, the HTML tag is gone on the listing page but is still there when editing.

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I am moving this thread from the Feature Discussions and Suggestions forum to the Geocaching.com Website Bug Reports forum.

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Well, if it'll make you feel any better, we are having the same problem. Many attributes which are listed on the HTML editor page are not working when we enter them into our HTML source. We've tried setting, for example, the color, size, width with an "hr" tag. No joy.


We've tried setting the style attribute with the "p" tag. Also, no joy.


Groundspeak should either fix this or change the editor page to not show these attributes as working/supported.


<ben stein>Groundspeak? Groundspeak?</ben stein>

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Several years later and the list of "VALID HTML TAGS" is still erroneous. These tags are listed as valid but still get removed from the listing page:

  • abbr
  • acronym
  • bdo
  • blink
  • dd
  • dl
  • dt
  • del
  • ins
  • label
  • nobr
  • q
  • tbody
  • thead
  • tfoot
  • wbr


Additionally, "allowed attributes" such as style, span, or title get removed from some tags.

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<marquee direction="down">A scrolling text created with HTML Marquee element.</marquee>

In this case the direction attribute "down"  is not filtered out from the source but the text scrolls from right to left because it is filtered out from the cache page.

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