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How do I delete individual caches in my new exploristgc?

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I have recently purchased a MagellanGC. I can't seem to delete individual caches. When I hit the menu button, all I see is the delete all option. I would like to keep the ones close to home that I couldn't get to loaded.

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The way to remove the caches is.

1 go into the cache page that you want to delete.

2 press the menu button.

3 scroll down to delete and press ok.

this will remove just that cache. If you do this from the screen that shows all the cache it will delete them all. Hope this helps. If you have anyother questions just let me know.

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I recently bought the GC as well.

If you have not download VantagePoint from the magellan website run and do it RIGHT NOW!

I spent the last month clicking all the individual send to gps buttons, made it over 1k files and started seeing the errors.


As for deleting individual caches you can also delete the gpx file out of the geocaches folder when you connect the gps to you computer.

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