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Caches to go for on vacation?

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We are going to Las Vegas in July and are going to do some caching on the way. We will be heading down I84 (from Tri-Cities Wa) to I15 and then down to Las Vegas. I have done a couple of PQs along the highway (about 1 mile either side) and am wondering which ones are your favorites. I liked GCPPGH alot.

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I was in Vegas last year in July and yep, its hot but didnt bothered me.


I dont know any good caches on the way to Vegas or back so I will stick with caches to do in Vegas area.


http://coord.info/GC2D78C or any of this CO's caches. Just trust me there. Looks up all his caches and you will see that he got alot of fav points.


http://coord.info/GCQ596 Vegas style, u cant beat this one! One of the kind that you wont find anywhere in the world. Just drive up and ask for the cache! :laughing: I did this cache while my ex girlfriend was with me at the time and I will say that she PANIC! (she thought I was going to ask her to marry me!!!) my friends tell me thats so me to do that to people!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


http://coord.info/GC729A Anyone that been in Vegas should stop here. Why not? :laughing:


Vegas got alot of Virtuals so do those.


Near Vegas and its in AZ, http://coord.info/GC7D96 Its a hot virtual to do in the summer. And you get to see Hoover Dam.


If you like earthcaches, do http://coord.info/GC18FMD It isnt all that far. You can do some of MR57's caches on the way out there anyway. Valley of Fire State Park got a good numbers of earthcaches. Just beware that its hotter there than Vegas during the summer. I didnt go there because I was short on time.


And last, if you want to COOL off. Head for mt charleston. If you are there on July 19th, there will be an event there. Its a really cool place to go, high up the mt and not too hot, when I was there, it was just right! There are a bunch of good camping spots up there as well.

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It's been an eternity (in geocaching years) since we took I-15 towards Vegas, so can't help you out much there. We basically cached our way into Vegas in 2005 and got most of the caches along the way - I don't think we'd ever get there if we did that now! Although, there are a lot of good caches in Vegas and you'll see why they are favorites. We waited six years to go back and get one that we missed is 2005. A cache we enjoyed in Twin Falls, Idaho a few years ago was GCQ7EG.



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I have done a couple of PQs along the highway (about 1 mile either side) and am wondering which ones are your favorites.

If you look at the PQs' lists of caches, you should see a count of favorite points (below the blue ribbon) that each cache has received. If you click the blue ribbon, the list will even sort itself in descending order of favorite points.

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The Mt. Charleston loop, north ov Vegas is supposed to be very good. I only had time to do 1, but it is a favorite.


You should consider a detour along 395 on the way there or on the way home. There are some very cool cache locations in the eastern Sierra.


Most of my favorite hides and quite a few of my favorite finds are there:


My favorite cache to maintain and the one that gets the most glowing DNFs as well as found it logs is A Claustrophobic's Nightmare






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I used to go to Las Vegas every year in July to watch professional darts (sadly, the Desert Classic was canceled a couple years ago, probably due to the costs of organizing a major tournament in Nevada for prime time British sports television). But there are plenty of great places to cache in that area.


There was one year when there had been late storms and Mount Charleston even had some snow packs on it. My Stained Shorts took us to a wonderful hike with a great view from a rock outcrop. But generally, we were facing 100-115 degree heat.


Red Rock Canyon is an easy trip just outside of Vegas. I have fond memories of Fred Flintstone Worked Here, earthcaches, and petroglyphs. One year we stopped to check on a someone walking by the side of the road. He had set off that morning to jog the loop, had run out of water half way, and was grateful for the ride. Don't let that happen to you.


South of Vegas there is an old, mostly ghost town (Goodsprings) with the Pioneer Saloon. It is worth a visit.


Someone mentioned the Valley of Fire. I have been there twice in July. Nice earthcaches. Great petroglyphs. Beautiful rock formations. Most of the areas can be done with relatively short walks, so I think it is worth a trip.


We also swung down to Death Valley to do some great earthcaches there. And of course we had to pay our respects to the Death Valley Diva (DVD).


But if you have the time, the right vehicle, and want an adventure, then I would take a day trip. Stop along the way to see The Old Spanish Trail. Drive through the Virgin River Gorge (earthcache). Go to Colorado City (stop for a snack at the Merry Wives Cafe). And then go 60 miles to the Toroweap Overlook and the One Giant Step virtual. The last time we were in Vegas, we knew we would not be back for awhile and decided that this was one spot that everyone should see once in their life. We were not disappointed.


Apart from that, the wedding chapel cache mentioned above is the ultimate Vegas Experience, not to mention the cache(s) at the Las Vegas sign and whatever remains of the virtuals on the strip, like the Presidential Suite. When we are traveling, I usually focus on earthcaches and virtuals, but there were a lot of fun things to do even in the July heat.

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