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DE-activate a trackable

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I don't think there's any way to de-activate a trackable... but if you simple want to remove it from your inventory you can move it to your Collection:


Edit the trackabe's home page and check the box "Make this trackable Collectible". Submit Changes. Go back to the home page.


Now you'll have the drop-down option to select "Move to Collection". Doing this moves the item out of your trackables inventory box. It means you won't be able to move it in and out of caches but if you show it to anyone else they will be able to discover it.


MrsB :)

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Actually, it is possible to de-activate a trackable.

Write to contact@geocaching.com with your request.

What does that actually do? It can't hide it completely, because that would affect the history of cachers.


Not really sure, since I've never done it. I do recall a mod (probably Eartha) making that statement in here once. I suppose all they would do is lock it so no more logs could be posted. :unsure:

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