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On Second Thought... hold off on finding those caches

Sol seaker

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Anyway, I'm not sure why this is so fascinating to me. I have no desire to memorialize or celebrate Keller, and this spot probably isn't even a good place for a memorial to his victims. But it's interesting to think that this was out there for so long, apparently without being noticed, and without his activities - which had to have seemed odd to someone - being reported. It makes you wonder what else, and who else, is out there.

I would say that it has little to do with this particular man, I think we could randomize his name and some of the details yet it would still be interesting. But even so, to me it would be an anti-memorize or anti-celebration as he was just a failure in many ways, like giving his position away so very easily to someone walking along the road in one of the most logical areas in miles. Like I said before I think he was just playing fort. He wasn't skilled, smart, or put much effort into the details.


I personally don't think there is anything wrong with interest in the story or location.


And to touch on the fear side of it, while I'm sure that there are a few more out there, this guy was for years without issue; it won't affect my off-trail adventures, except maybe it will be in my thinking that this is a possibility which will make me safer.

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this case made national news even, surprised that they have not removed this bunker more than they have. They took away the explosives and am sure anything they felt worthy for evidence purposes...but that is a lot of stuff still open and a kid could get trapped in there or something. If I was in charge of that task force, I'd sure not want to leave that open bunker there like that.


I agree with you an all of it but I don't remember hearing about explosives only typical non-military rifles

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Anyway, to get back on topic, It does bother me to know there are more of these guys out there, but if I haven't run into any before now, I'm not likely to in the future.

We all have to make our own judgments about how much risk we're willing to take on. I think those of us who like to cache in the lesser-traveled areas expose ourselves to somewhat more risk. Who knows what you'll find when you start exploring the stomping ground of the paranoid and criminal. I try to be deliberate about it; I've decided on the measures I'll take when I'm in such places to give myself a fighting chance if I do run into someone who has decided I should pay for some issue in his life.


I don't think he was playing. I think he was shocked he was found so quickly. He wasn't organized enough in his thoughts to forsee how his actions could lead people to his location.

I agree, to an extent. There was some thought put into the location of the bunker, apparently - though it was probably also delusional to think it wouldn't eventually be found, and quickly if he was being sought.


While he may not have been intent on hunting anyone down, I have little doubt that if anyone stumbled onto his bunker while he was there - before or after he killed his family - he would have tried and probably succeeded at killing the unlucky hiker/cacher.


I try to keep an eye out when hiking. I'm *still* nursing a strained hip ligament from the last time I hiked (ran) alone and was chased by a solo male hiker (2 months ago!). People like this living in the woods...I tell myself that sure, they are probably out there. Now I know they are. In my woods. And that's scary.

That's scary. I don't think I could outrun anyone.


"They" are definitely out there. But you don't have to be defenseless. There are any number of ways to give yourself a fighting chance. Innocent people should not have to run in fear when trying to enjoy the woods. And innocent people who go out in the woods with no plan would, I hope, at least do so knowing that's what they're doing. I mean no criticism - just a plug in favor of being mindful of small risks that can have enormous consequences.


I too take appropriate measures to protect myself. People like this are just as dangerous as dangerous animals (which is why I've always carried protection for years in the years) . With this economy the way it is, the number of people in the woods like this are only growing. Even in the larger "city" parks (like 100 wooded acres), I've seen a big increase of "hobo campgrounds", and rangers talking about not wanting to go up alone, due to the increased danger of stabbings for spare change.


Something to protect yourself is better than nothing. At the minimum, a pointed stick and a dog, all the way up to a CCW (or open carry which is legal in WA). Something in your pack is not really the best option though. If you are being charged like JesandTodd, you'd have to take the pack off, unzip it, dig through your stuff because everything shifted, and by the time you get your mace out, the person is on top of you. On a carabiner on your belt loop would be better off. Rip right through your belt loop.


Carrying something for defense is not fear, it's being prepared. If it was a matter of fear, then person wouldn't go to that area in the first place. When I have a CCW on me, that doesn't give me the false courage to go strutting through known gang areas, that's stupidity. It's about protecting yourself for the unexpected in places you are comfortable in.


And for JesandTodd's further explained situation, that's a situation where you let the person know that you have protection on you and that they need to leave you alone. Before some people who may not like the idea that I'm in the woods with a CCW, and think that I'm some trigger happy jack, anybody who has gone through the process of getting a CCW Permit whould understand that that is NOT a situation to draw and fire. It would have to escalate further before I would.

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Yep. thanks for posting that.

I'm glad to know it's gone for the creep factor along with knowing no kid is going to get hurt in there, or someone else will take over it and take off where that guy left off.


I've got caches in that area and I'm glad to know it's gone.


Perhaps we can lay this whole subject to rest now.


Mod? Perhaps we can close this thread. It seems the topic is closed. For good. :)

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Agreed. It was a sad situation perpetuated by a man whom obviously needed some professional help. Let's let this one sink.


Closing the thread. Please don't open a new one to discuss the same subject. This isn't the forum for it.


Survivalist1995, take some time and go find some caches. We'll cheer you on.

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