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Egyptian Scarab Geocoin

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I just got the remint of the Scarabs today with the new versions :D


I'm going to start sending out invoices for the few reminted versions that were reserved later today - but the rest will go on sale from my webstore on Sunday Evening (28th) (European Time).

I think that's also the day the clocks change - but the sale will probably start at 7PM Swiss Time (GMT+1). The LE/AE versions will only go on sale on ebay as only 10 were made of each, and not all of them are being sold. I'll post photos of the new versions on here soon.

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Here are all the new versions.

Just the versions on the top row will be on sale from my webstore.




Your website says: New Versions Available: On Sale Saturday Oct. 28th @ 7PM (Swiss Time - GMT+1)


Did you mean Saturday the 27th ... or ... Sunday the 28th ... :blink:



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Glad they got there ok :D


And for people that still wanted some - I am down to my final 2 of most versions that I'll be listing on ebay. So they will probably all be gone within the next 1-2 weeks.

I'm not planning another remint for these in the near future as I want to have some new designs made. But there might be a remint late next year.


I have my final Artist Editions finishing today, and these versions won't be remade again.


Black/Satin Gold AE

Orange/Satin Silver AE

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I've just received a remint of the Scarab coins. Mainly new versions but have got 25 more of the previous red/silver and purple/silver coins too.


Here are the 9 new ones:

Top Row (RE's): Orange/Antique Silver (x40), Brown/Antique Gold (x40), Blue/Antique Copper (x40)

Middle Row (LE's): Green/Satin Silver (x20), Blue/Satin Silver (x20), Red/Satin Gold (x20)

Bottom Row (XLE's) Antique Gold/ No Enamels (x10), Antique Copper/ No Enamels (x10), Green/Shiny Copper (x9)




All the RE's (£15) and a few LE's (£20) will go on sale from my webstore this Saturday (9th) at 7pm CET. The remaining XLE's will only be sold on ebay though.

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Just saw these on ebay:


Heh, and I'm looking for the orange/silver AE 2...

Anyone? I can pay quite an amount for it.


BTW I am one of fortunate owners of the black / gold AE 1, but I am not planning to sell or trade it in the foreseeable future.


Not sure if it's AE but http://www.ebay.ca/itm/SOLD-OUT-Orange-Antique-Silver-Egyptian-Scarab-Geocoin-Geocaching-/151163189872?pt=UK_Coins_Tokens_RL&hash=item2332073a70#ht_765wt_917


bids still at 15 gbp


I'd love a black/gold AE version also for trade/sell. Didn't get on in time for this round.


and for this lovely coin http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ARTIST-EDITION-Black-Satin-Gold-Egyptian-Scarab-Geocoin-10-MADE-/151163208232?pt=UK_Coins_Tokens_RL&hash=item2332078228#ht_918wt_1210


for the low low price sitting at 95 gbp



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Just in case anyone is still looking for one of these, I have my very last one on ebay just now - finishing tomorrow.


And although I really like these coins and know they've been popular, I probably wont remint them again as I know people liked the versions of these being quite limited, and there are already 24 versions so it's hard to come up with new versions that would still look good as I'm limited to only using soft enamels.


I might make another coin similar to this later on though. And right now I am working on another Egyptian themed coin - based on the King Tut golden death mask which will also be a 2 inch, 10mm thick 3D coin. I'll post more information on those in about a month when I should hopefully have samples.

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