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Montana software version 4.01 Beta

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Do any of the Gamin units do that? I don't remember my Oregon or 62S doing that.


I don't know. But I think for decent paperless geocaching, it is essential. Especially with a long description of a multicache (which also occasionally gets mangled on import) one has to scroll down all the time and hopefully find the right spot again.

The firmware isn't designed with constant switching between functions which a paperless geocacher does, but merely concentrated on performing one function at a time. For a traditional cache it's all fine, but with a multi it's: looking at the map, reading the next stage in the description, use the compass etc and continually switching between them. Hence it is so important the description returns where it was left, not having to scroll down 6 pages every time. Or was it seven pages?

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Here's a quirky one (I can even replicate the same effect in simulation). This is an issue which apparently already happened on the 60's series. And on the Montana since firmware v2.70 and maps EUNT v2011.40 onwards, the problem has appeared occasionaly.


It apparently seems to have to do with roads which cross a country map border, and then at the other end are not connecting to another road.

I drive one of those similar situations once in a while. It's a highway with an exit to another highway here in the south of the Netherlands. The highway I turn into, connects to a road which crosses the border and then doesn't connect. I assume the device does some predictive calculation around the area. However, my exit is shortly after where the exit to the other highway is.


What happens is as soon as the highway splits, the map freezes. Then after 10-15 seconds, the mapinfo disappears (the rest stays but doesn't update). Then as soon as I take the actual exit, all info reappears. Quite annoying for people who are not familiar with the area.


I have tested the same stretch with my Nuvi 205 and that works fine.


I emailed Garmin already.

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