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... jump back to the "new beta cache submission process"?

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I think you're wanting to use the beta form to edit?


It's not set up that way, yet. You can fill in the form using the "wizard" beta approach, but once you get to the end, and save - future edits will take you to the old (current) form.


Over in the Release Notes thread someone at GS indicated that they have plans to add the functionality to be able to edit a cache listing that was started with the current process using the new beta CSP. I'm hoping at that point we'll be able to edit *any* cache listing using the new CSP.


Releasing this new CSP as beta code that we can try out and co-exists with the current process in kind of breaking new ground for Groundspeak. We have a chance to play with it, identify things that need to be improved or fixed, and if for some reason it someone doesn't like it they can just revert back to using the existing system. This sort of release strategy has been used by Google quite a bit and I applaud Groundspeak for being able to pull it off. So far, the only real gripes I've seen about the latest release are related to the Facebook login (and typically by those that don't really understand what it's doing) but the new CSP is far more ambitious in terms of the amount of code that needed to be developed and I have only seen a few suggestions for fairly minor improvements and no real complaints.

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I used the beta submission form and it's OK. I'm not a computer guru. Here is my problem. In the cache description, I like to space lines for something that is not part of the description but helpful info.


Example: Looking for a cammo preform. I'm giving you the trailhead from the lower, easist way. You could start up by the Hot Tubs/Spa if you feel lucky. The park charges a vehicle fee but no fee to walk or ride a bike in. FTF goes to > > > > > bjkoi. Congrats!


I would like to space between The Park charges..... and new line for FTF goes to....


How can it be done?

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