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Gold Creek County Park Zipline Proposal

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I love ziplines, but you can put a zipline many places.

that is an old second growth forest that is becoming more and more rare.


Think about coming across a cache in the woods that people can't find. Just came across one of those Sunday. There are trails all over, vegetation trampled. Plants can't grow in those areas.

Just how many cachers actually show up at any of those caches? Perhaps one a day? Maybe not that many.


Now imagine how trampled an area would be with 12 ziplines criss-crossing it. They are trying to attract the 350000 tourists that come to that area for the wineries with shuttles from 22 of them. They also are trying to attract locals.


There will be a gift shop, and many other buildings there.


How many people per day are going to be trampling that forest?

A hundred? more? Imagine if a hundred people came to a cache deep in the woods. What would that area look like?


I guess it comes down to a question of values. What is important to us?


If you like ziplines, there are already parks available. Or they can build more in areas that aren't really nice forest areas. There are many possible places that are not such nice natural wild forest areas.


There's one in Bellevue.

Here's a couple more.


Camano Island (at the Kristoferson Farm)


Canopy Tours Northwest

332 NE Camano Dr.

Camano Island, WA 98282



> Breathtaking Forest Adventures: 6 double-cable zip lines, log bridge, and dramatic 54-foot final rappel. Just an hour's drive from Seattle at historic Kristoferson Farm.


San Juan Island


Zip San Juan

Friday Harbor

San Juan, Washington


360 378 5947


> 8 zip lines and a bridge between trees and over lakes and wetlands on 40 acres of forest on San Juan island. 3 hour zip line course comprised of six main zip lines, plus two practice zip lines at the beginning. They range from from 15 to 50 feet above the ground. The tour includes transport from downtown Friday Harbor and back.

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