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have you tried pressing the F5 key?


Seriously, sometimes on that site you may not see the changes and refreshing your browser will fix that.




I just updated my stats on mygeocachingprofile.com on Wednesday and everything was running fine. I have had to hit F5 in the past as the old webpage was "cached" and refreshing it was the only way to do it.

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Contact the owners of that site and ask them to fix it? :unsure:


This HAS to be a trick question... <_<


Hey, I know this guy AZcachemeister! That wasn't very nice, especially when it was sitting out there as the only reply. :lol:


I've only used that site a few times, but I just ran a my finds PQ no problem earlier this week. Never had to do this F5 thing, but that sure sounds to me like what is going on.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mygeocachingprofile.com Acquired by Groundspeak!





If you have a suggestion for an improvement or a new feature, please suggest it on Groundspeak's geocaching.com forum. Groundspeak has acquired this site and will be developing new features on geocaching.com from now on.



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Groundspeak is trying to integrate it into their own site, a la the statistics tab on your public profile... Problem is, you can't edit it or move things around to look the way you want, because it's not HTML.


I know that I'll just replace it with the FindStatsGen macro in GSAK...

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They just can't leave something that works and that people like alone, can they?


"It ain't broke, so let's fix it."


This was posted by mygeocachingprofile on facebook:


"Hi all, the site is currently down because of some issues we're having with our hosting provider. Don't worry, we're working with them to have it back up soon. Thanks!"

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