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Puting coords in manually on Razr


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I've been caching for 2 months and still have not figured out how to manually put coordinates in for the 2nd or 3rd part of a multi. I have the official download. Is it possible? I'm sure I'm just being technically challenged (or an idiot) again... but can someone help? I've just been putting them in to my Google Navigator and it DOES the trick - but I'd so much rather learn how to do it on GC program. (for that matter I don't know how to do it on my Magellan GC either...) :blink::huh:

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tap navigate to cache and then tap either map or compass. then press the menu bar on your phone and it gives you the option to add a waypoint - if you use map it says "add waypoint" but if you use compass it says "destination" ....

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