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Nomesquad's Personal Geocoin


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I'm not sure if everyone's as obsessed and addicted to these cool coins as I am, but at what point do you want to see what we're planning? I've submitted art and color choices to the mint now and am waiting for blueprints to be drawn up.


Are you ready for a picture of my artwork, or do you want to wait for the blueprint from the mint?

(does that make it a mint-print?) lol



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You're brimming with such excitement you might as well get it out or you'll explode. Keep in mind that when your coins are finally here you'll have to tag that announcement at the bottom of the existing thread.... only one thread per coin design/issue.

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I don't have an updated picture yet but I've seen version 1 of the blueprint and its good. Minor changes and a couple of color changes (will wear my glasses next time when I'm writing down PMS codes). Once its finalized I'll post more pictures. Very excited now, this is so cool turning it into reality. How do you professional coin artists not get addicted to this, watching it become real?

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So excited! Off it goes!

Its been such a pleasure to work with the person in charge of minting.


They'll be trackable with their own icon by the time they get to us.


How on earth am I going to sleep while I wait for them to come in?

Next stop, in our hands B)

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I woke up to find photo samples in my email box this morning. They are gorgeous!




Getting closer to having them in my hands for trading, I can't wait. I need to get busy and get the icons finished this week!


Once I know that they're on their way, I'll be ready to start lining up trades if anyone is interested :anibad:

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I'll definitely be looking for trades with them for other personal coins, cat coins, gnome coins, or for a few coins I've got on my wish list.


I might be able to be convinced to part with a few by sale rather than strictly trade. I'll let you know when they're in my warm little hands and ready to go :)

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The coins are in! I'm officially ready to start trading them to expand our collection...


The Nomesquad Geocoin was minted in May 2012 and is trackable with a custom icon (you can see it here: TB57A1J), and Mrs. Nomesquad is the one who drew the design. A kitty lover extraordinare, there's nothing quite like having known the love of a cat. The purrs, the meows, the snuggles, the cute little antics - it just melts the heart.


Our 16 year old resident queen of the bed is named Abbey, and is a gorgeous brown tabby with an adorable pink nose and striking yellow-green eyes. Abbey lays just like the kitty in the design, one foot hanging out. She's a true soulmate. We also have a 2 year old longhaired silver tabby named Maya, and one angel kitty, Kaeli - she was an almost 14 year old calico that passed the day after Christmas.


I'm looking for trades for our Nomesquad Personal Geocoin for the most part. Our wish list is pretty simple and can be found here in detail: Nomesquad's Geocoin Wish List


Nomesquad Geocoin Dreams List:

* Personal geocoins from other geocachers/teams - would like to have a description of the motivation behind having the coin minted as well. We love a good story.

* Cat, kitten, kitty, meow, or anything that purrs geocoins.

* Gnome geocoins

* Dragons


Individual Geocoins:

* TARDIS Geocoin

* WolfPack Geocoin (Any Color)


I'm willing to sell a few of these coins - if you're interested in a purchase rather than a trade the prices are $10 each, with $3 shipping in the US and $1 each additional coin. Payment by Paypal. For international shipping - I'll have to take it to the post office and have it figured unless someone can guide me on what's standard. I've only had to ship holiday gifts overseas before, never just envelopes with cool coins. :)


PM or convo me and we'll get it all sorted out if you're interested. Thanks!

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Hi everyone! I've been a little bit absent lately, life went crazy on me. Back to almost normal for about a month now. Figures I'd miss out on the holiday missions, will have to make sure I'm not on hiatus next year.


I'd be very willing to send out some more Nomesquad Kitty geocoin trades for personal geocoins, or anything cool from my want list up there ^^^^ a few posts if anyone has anything nifty to trade while I have a few more weeks to myself.


Happy Holidays and Happy Caching!

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