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Error in GPX desc node difficulty/terrain text

Mr. Snazz

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(I'm e-mailing this to TPTB also, but wanted to give the rest of you a heads up)


It appears that the difficulty/terrain in the desc node of the GPX files is incorrect.


Eg. for the cache "Gnarly Dude" by logscaler (GC910), the desc node contains:


Gnarly Dude by logscaler, Traditional Cache (2.5/2.5)


The actual terrain rating is 4.5, not 2.5. The correct ratings are given in the Groundspeak:difficulty and Groundspeak:terrain nodes, however.


All the caches in the GPX file that I'm looking at (just got it a few minutes ago) appear to use the incorrect value for terrain in desc, it just lists the difficulty twice (eg. difficulty/difficulty).

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I noticed the problem 'cause I use gpsbabel to convert the gpx into a csv file for MS Streets&Trips. The description that gets put into the csv file is straight out of the node. I usually plan cache trips in S&T, based on location and difficulty levels, so its nice to now see the correct numbers without having to look them up elsewhere. icon_biggrin.gif

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