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TB log for "took it to"

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I have seen logs that show a cacher has taken a TB to visit a cache without dropping it there. The logs shows both an up and down arrow and the words "took it to". How do I create such a log entry. It is not one of the selections on the drop down menu.

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Step 1. Visit the Cache Listing

Visit the cache listing for the cache in which you placed the Travel Bug.


If you already logged your find, don't panic! You can still post another log note.


Step 2. Visit the "log a cache" Page

As you normally log a find, click on the link to log the cache. You will need to log in first.


Step 3. Select the Travel Bug to drop off

After entering the text for your find, scroll down to see a list of Travel Bug Trackables in your inventory. Using the dropdown menu, select either "dropped off" to leave a Travel Bug in the cache, or "visited" to record a visit while still retaining possession of the Travel Bug. Once you are ready, click the button to submit your log.


From the "Find Trackables" pages of the website. HTH.

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There seems to be an issue with the continuity of terminology on the website. Wouldn't it is easiest to bring the terminology into line? "Took it to" is very vague. I take my TBs to a cache and drop them off. I also take my TBs to visit a cache. I can see where this can be confusing.


I'm not sure about the word "discover" either, but I can't think of an alternative right now. I can "discover" (Aha!) a TB in a cache and then "take" it with me. :blink:

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