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Garmin Montana Beta 3.99 - 25-apr-2012

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Montana Beta 3.99


Change History

Changes made from version 3.98 to 3.99:


Improved touchable accuracy of red pin removal

Fixed issues with Direct Routing

Fixed routing behavior after changing Activity type during an active route

Fixed issue causing Routing Avoidance selections not to be saved

Fixed issues when disconnecting from mass storage

Fixed issues with map set selections across Profiles

Fixed issue causing 'Use' button to not display on the map

Fixed display of waypoint icons in Recent Finds list

Fixed issue with Favorites menu caused by changing Profiles and restarting unit

Fixed issue with main menu dashboard caused by changing Profiles via shortcut on main menu

Problems with this beta software may be reported to MontanaBeta@garmin.com

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Sounds great, can't wait to try it!


I'd wait, if I was you. I sent this to the Beta team this morning:


I played around with my Montana this morning and it looks to me like map selections are not saved in the different profiles, so each time you change profiles, you need to set the maps you want in that profile.


In other words, a selection of maps will be enabled, but not the choice I wanted.


I have multiple map selection based profiles, quickly accessed via shortcuts so it's very obvious that the maps are not the right ones in the profiles.


I tried many times to reset the maps to my selections then switching profiles but it always reverted to the wrong maps. This also happens if I use "Change Profile" instead of the shortcut to switch.

I don't remember seeing this in 3.98 so that's where I'm headed.


3.98 has the same problem, which 3.99 was supposed to have addressed according to this from the Change Log: Fixed issues with map set selections across Profiles

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