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BIG Little Geocaching Event


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Hi all,


We're pleased to announce this coming Geocaching Event, more details will follow in coming days / weeks as a lot

of work is going on behind the scenes.


What I can tell you is we're thinking BIG.. Whether it goes to "Mega" status or not, we'd love it too, but anyone

that decides to come will have a great time I believe..


Here's some early information in this rapidly growing project..


Australia's next BIG geocaching event. "BIG on fun.. Little on boring bits!!"


Located near the SA / VICTORIAN border... at Nelson Victoria -


Approx. Distance from Nelson


Portland 70 kms

Mount Gambier 35 kms

Warrnambool 170 kms

Adelaide 494 kms

Melbourne (via Princes Hwy) 430 kms

Melbourne(via Great Ocean Road) 513 kms


Coming FRIDAY 18th Jan - Monday 21st Jan 2013


Registration will be for $65 per team.


Accommodation onsite available. Some rooms with shower / toilet. Laundry onsite.

Un-Powered & Powered Sites for campers.


Your registration will include;


Name / Team Tag

TWO Unique Event PathTags

Geocaching on the River in teams

A Major Act on stage on Saturday Night. Check out who it is early May.

Special prize giveaways you earn while out geocaching.

More to come...


It's very early on in planning stages, so if you want to make a suggestion, please let us know.. we may be able to

fit it in..


We will list GC number as soon as possible..

Watch the website for weekly updates.



Thanks for reading..


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Details of the Events activities (copy & paste from our website)



What's on at this BIG Geocaching Event!


More Activities Added once available. Check back regularly!


SORRY NO PETS and NO ALCOHOL allowed if camping onsite at Event.



All Event Activities:



Over 50 New Geocaches to hunt nearby.


Over 50 New "others" ready to capture!


Challenge someone to Eight ball.


Try your skill at the Foosball table.


Relax with a Board game or two!


Find the "Lost Cache of Forgotten Nelson"



Friday 18th Jan:



8.00am: Stall Holders Setup


9.00am: Stall Holders Open.


9.00am: General Registration Open


10.00am: Snacks, Cold and Hot Drinks available.


11am - 4pm Activities for Kids & Prizes.


12:00pm: LIght Meals Available for lunch.


5:00pm: Dinner Meals Available


7:00pm: "After Dark" Night Cache Only Hunt.



Saturday 19th Jan:



9.00am: Stall Holders Open.


9.00am: General Registration Open


10.00am: Snacks, Cold and Hot Drinks available.


11am: Boating Geocache Adventure


11am - 4pm Activities for Kids & Prizes.


12:00pm: LIght Meals Available for lunch.


2:00pm: GSWW Chirp Hike 'n' Hunt (requires chirp compatible GPS)


5:00pm: Dinner Meals Available


7:00pm: 90 Minute Beatles Tribute Band Show on stage.



Sunday 20th Jan:



9.00am: Stall Holders Open.


9.00am: General Registration Open


10.00am: Snacks, Cold and Hot Drinks available.


11am: Boating Geocache Adventure


11am - 4pm Activities for Kids & Prizes.


12:00pm: LIght Meals Available for lunch.


5:00pm: Dinner Meals Available


7:00pm: Live Stage Show (TBA) on stage.


8:30pm: Prizes drawn / Giveaways to Teams.



Monday 21st Jan:



9.00am: CITO Event


11:00am: Event Closed. Onsite Campers leave area.

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For the number of people emailed me about pets.. I've found a place only about 2kms from event location that appears to allow pets..


River-Vu Park


A peaceful, small friendly park right on the Glenelg River in the center of Nelson. Offering cabins, ensuite sites, powered & unpowered sites.


Pets may be allowed by prior arrangement.


AAA Classification 31/2 star


31 Kellett Street, Nelson 3292


Phone (08) 87384123. www.rivervupark.com.au

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Certainly doesn't suit everyone.. I totally agree..


But I've got people staying with pets nearby less than 3 mins away from the event..


And judging by the bookings I've already received doesn't seem to be a major issue for most..


Although for those that do want both our July event people will be able to do both.. so everyone's happy.


Thanks for your feedback..

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We're pleased to let everyone know, the setup is coming along well for the event.


We've found some beautiful locations for the 50 new caches going out, we've been

in Nelson spending time checking out interesting spots for people to stop and hunt!


Some of them WILL require you to get wet or head out in a canoe or boat.


Yes, there's a prepaid (part of your registration fee) boat trip included so you

can at least perhaps grab one water cache if you dare! :)




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Kid's Activities


We'll have areas set up that the little one's can draw with crayons etc.. we've got a large grass area that will have a safety barrier for the children to run around kick a ball and generally play.. there will also be a small area in the entertainment room with building blocks etc.. and a small tv / dvd with some G rated movies available.


There's also some board games available which would suit a little older kids.


Only a few minutes from the Event area there's also a new BBQ / Playground area that has a new boardwalk near the river.


A little further away there's another plaground not far from the kiosk.


For people attending we'll post co-oords to all these spots (closer to the event) for your assistance if attending.




The boating trip will be:


Pontoon Boat



"Our pontoon boat seats up to 10 people and is great for parties and celebrations of every kind. Lounge style seating and an all-weather canopy make for comfortable year-round cruising."


Everyone is supplied with a life jacket but if the children have a lot of energy they might not like to sit still for that long.. about 1 hour per group of ten..


If you check the photo on the bottom of the What's on page (link above) you'll see there's hand rails and should be suitable for most children.





At the event there are basic rooms with just beds, heating or the rooms with a private bathroom with shower / toilet (which is better than perhaps having to go out to a toilet block in the night)


You do require to bring linen / pillows / blankets.


Also there is an onsite laundry you have access to for doing a little washing of dirty clothes etc..


There's lots of various accommodation from pub, B&B's, and caravan parks.


Offsite accommodation



Onsite Event Accommodation





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Just a reminder it is during school holidays so if you're booking accommodation in the area good idea to do ASAP even if you leave the registration side until closer to the event to be sure you get where you'd like to stay.


As judging by the amount of people contacting me places will be filling up quickly. We do have places available onsite at event of coarse.




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A good point was asked.


How do we know the accommodation is still available when we do the online registration?


The online form is live and it updates instantly so once a particular accommodation is full it will update and NOT be selectable

by the next person. So if you don't get the option you want it means SOLD OUT. But you're welcome to contact me to verify if

you wish.



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We're adding a special competition for this event..


Did you visit us at oz mega?


Did you sign our log book while there at oz mega?


Yes you say!!


Great.. if you also attend this event and sign our log book again.. you'll go into a very exclusive draw to WIN some excellent goodies.. who knows you might be the only one in the draw... you're chances would be pretty good..

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UnPowered Campsite update:


If you're booking an unpowered campsite at the event, you can use a generator but to keep the noise to a minimum we've allocated an area for campers with generators only. We'd appreciate your assistance with letting us know with your booking. Thanks.


Any questions? Please ask..

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Hi all,


Pleased to announce that I got an email that the event is now live on GC




Please the users that already paid and registered log your Will Attend on GC.


Anyone interested in coming please check out the event website http://www.BIGLittleEvent.com/


Happy to answer any questions if you want to leave a message on the forums or email us directly

at biglittleevent@gmail.com




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Just a reminder those who have registered and pre-paid please log your "Will Attend" on the GC listing GC3JC6J


Thanks to everyone for the great support, phone calls and emails. Much appreciated.




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Event update.


Thanks to those who have logged a will attend for the event. Those who have but still have not filled out the REGISTRATION form

please do we need the details regarding accommodation etc.




We have 65 geocachers attending so far that are officially registered. This is not including those will attends who have not done the registration.


So the we're projecting at approx. 390 to attend the event at the moment.


A large promotional campaign is about to start in various areas so this is expected to increase.


Anyone with questions about the event. You can email me or leave messages here.





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Thanks to those that attended.. a great weekend was had by us and from what I've heard by the others that made the trip too... Nelson is an amazing area and hope you got to see all the beautiful spots we selected for geocaches..


Would like to hear from anyone who has a story they would like to share...


We were in The Border Watch this week and am in the process of talking to the Portland Observer now to be published next week, so keep an eye open for that...


Great time to be a geocacher... enjoy the other coming events, SA, QLD, Canberra... and watch this space another BIG Little Event is coming..


Best wishes,


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