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Newbie needs help

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Hello everybody and thank you for any help in advance. I just got this Garmin Etrec 20 about 6 days ago. I have for paid for and downloaded a 24k topo map. The map was working just fine both on the GPS and in Basecamp until today when I was on my home from a geocache. I had pulled the GPS out of my pocket to check my location when I had noticed that all the elevation lines were not showing up at all. The batteries were a bit low so I thought this may be the cause (it wasn’t). When I got home and plugged the GPS into the computer and it loaded up base camp none of the elevation lines were showing up on their ether. It just looks like a base map but the "3D map” still works I don’t know what I did or how to fix this. On the GPS I have tried Setup> Map> Map Information> Select Map> then tried disabling and re-enabling all the map's, and I have also tried hitting Menu> Restore Defaults. I am about 99.99% shore that I have not accidently deleted something. This GPS was expensive and so was the Topo, I expect it to work properly. I live in a mountainous area and the elevation lines are extremely important to me. Once again thank you in advance for any help and have a good day.


Now that I have been messing with it i can't even see any roads on the gps

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I'm sorry, I hate to see your question go unanswered, but I haven't dealt with this problem either.

All I can say, is when my GPS screws up, and nothing else seems to help, I pull out the batteries and pull out the SD card, and that resets it sometimes.


I suspect that's not going to help.

At this point, if I were you I'd contact Garmin.


First you might want to try Garmin's website.

They have a lot of links about updating maps, and "unlocking" maps.

Give that a try first, and then try calling them.


Garmin support


They have really fantastic customer service. They have spent a lot of time trying to solve my problems over the phone. It's one of the reasons I will always buy a Garmin. They have really been fantastic!!!

Give them a call if you don't find what you need on the website.


Monday–Thursday: 8 AM–6 PM, Friday 8 AM–5 PM Central Time (closed holidays)


U.S.: 913-397-8200

U.S. toll-free: 1-800-800-1020

Canada: 1-866-429-9296

They have other links for International calls if you're not in the US or Canada.

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