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Wood Coin Signature Items

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I see a lot of folks in my area leaving customized wooden coins as signature items. Can anyone point me to some good, inexpensive sites on the net to have some made? Just looking for recommendations. So far, I've only been able to find one place that charges almost $60 for 50 coins. That seems high to me as I'm only interested in a basic single color design.

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The best one would be the one you actually created yourself...like with a wood-burning tool, an engraver or something similar.

I see a site selling 250 blanks for ~$34, 500 for ~$57.


If you have access to a band-saw, you could make your own blanks out of hardwood doweling/closet rod.


Google 'wooden nickels', you'll get a ton of possibilities. :)

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I've been looking for something similar, but was thinking more along the line of plastic coins or poker chips. Almost any type of metal or aluminum coins seem to require minimum numbers starting in the 1000s and costing $500 and up for an order. I saw a poker chip in a cache that had a label put on it with the cacher's name and it was done nice. It might make sense to get blank coins or poker chips and affix a nice study label on it. We do this with CD and DVD labels and it would work as cache swag too.

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