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62s now go to otherside of world when moving slowly

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I loaded it last week or so with new firmware, did a bunch of caches, and now today it shows me on the otherside of the world when, well sometimes when I'm moving and then it's sometimes when I'm stopped. As soon as I do the opposite, it puts me back in actual location, and then will go back to otherside of world. Anyone else experiencing these problems. I reloaded firmware and same problem. When I reloaded firmware i noticed it said "fixed issue when moving slowly in Canada"I think they created an issue. Any thoughts.

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I did have it updated to 3.90. Worked for 2 days of caching then acted up. Had to go back to 3.71 cause that's all that was showing on Garmin's site. Worked good with previous firmware, can't remember what version it was, but the latest update is where the problem started. Will watch to see if anyone else has issues in the next couple of weeks, cause it was just out last week or so.

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