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Updated Cache Placement Requirements/Guidelines

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Yesterday, April 23, 2012, we updated our Cache Placement Guidelines/Requirements, which are posted in our Knowledge Books.


All subsequently-submitted caches will be subject to these new guidelines. Caches placed prior to the update will be grandfathered into the game, and were subject to the guidelines current at the time of publication.


The outline of the guidelines hosted on Geocaching.com will be updated in the coming weeks. Cache owners should check the extended guidelines before commencing with new cache listing submissions.

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This is an overview of the guidelines updates. It is not exhaustive, so cache owners and prospective cache owners should thoroughly review the complete guidelines before submitting a new listing.


Fundamental Placement Guidelines


· 1: Local laws (no significant changes).


· 2: Permission (Cache owner's assurance).


· 3: Buried caches (succinct explanation of what is not permitted).


· 4: Property (added 'damage').


· 5: Wildlife (included natural environment).


· 6: Schools/Military installations (updated language, cache owner liability).


· 7: Proximity (removed 'generally').


· 8: Caches in Space (clarified).



Other Placement Considerations


· Updated text about cache owner liability. Linked to disclaimer with regards to location and container.


· Added 'include GC code' on outside of container.



Inappropriate or Non-publishable Placements


· Re-organized text.


· Clarified that land owner/manager wishes will be respected by Groundspeak.


· Added note about some cemeteries allowing cache placement.


· Updated text about cache proximity to railroads.


· Clarified text about public structures.


· Added links to article about working with the reviewer (updated KB articles).



Listing Guidelines that Apply to All Geocaches


· Updated text terminology.


· Updated process for cache owner responsibilities for cache listing and the cache placement.


· Updated requirements for cache maintenance plans (caches far from home location).


· Added "or logbook" to cache container contents.


· Updated text for cache contents.


· Updated "Solicitation" and "Commercial" guidelines to clarify scope of what is publishable.

  • Specifying that requiring/encouraging cache placement is not publishable.

· Updated process for requesting a scheduled publication.


· Updated process for communicating with reviewer.


Additional Guidelines that Apply to Specific Geocache Types


· Added definition of Traditional Cache to introduction.


· Clarified requirements for multi-staged caches to add additional waypoints to the listing.


· Mystery/Puzzle: Clarified cache type name, updated process for adding additional waypoints, post reviewer note with puzzle solution).


· Letterbox Hybrid: clarified cache type.


· Wherigo: Updated text.


· Event caches: Updated text, clarified non-publishable events, clarified how to meet commercial guideline.


· Mega-Events: Added pricing guideline, added exclusivity guideline.


· CITO: Clarified types of CITO events, and how external events can be publishable.


· EarthCaches: Added link to Knowledge Book articles.


· Virtual and Webcam caches: Clarified cache owner responsibilities.



Logging Physical Caches


· Updated text about Challenge Cache logging.


· Added text about cache owners requiring contact for logging (not permitted).


Logging Non-physical Caches


· EarthCaches: Highlighted that photographic requirements must be optional, added link to EarthCache.org guidelines.


· Virtual caches: Clarified logging requirements.


· Webcam caches: Clarified that the photo must be from the webcam associated with the cache.


· Event caches: Added.


· Mega-Event caches: Added.

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