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Can I do an online search for similar themed caches?

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Picked up a travel bug today and it wants to go in other Easter caches or say one wants to go in Valentine cache or in parks only.


Is there a way that I can search online to see if there are any of caches with these names in the title etc?


I know I can do use the advanced search options and bring these up by keyword for "easter" say but that brings me up all worldwide titles and then I can't seem to narrow down to my area. The distance (from my location) does not show up on my list so I can't sort and find ones near me. Going through the entire worldwide list to find those in my area is too time consuming


Sure I'm just missing something that would make this task easier.


Any assistance most appreciated.

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No - you are not missing anything.


I have long advocated the addition of several Pocket Query Criteria to include keyword searches and include/exclude by username.


If you load a wide are of caches into GSAK - it can handle the keyword search.

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I generally don't find much to complain about, but the inability to search using keywords IN A SPECIFIC LOCATION does irk me.


It's very frustrating to only be able to do searches for my province, and not be able to search for caches by "keyword" in my province.


Not talking about PQ's, but the basic search function on Groundspeak's site.





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Pup Patrol,


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Glad it's not something I missed but sad that it's not just something I missed. Seems like such a simple request and should not be that difficult to build in.


Jeffs sister.





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