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downloading caches to my GPSmap78s

Monty 53

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Hello All!


Been lurking her for quite a while now and decided to take the plunge and join in. I just got my GPS today. It is a Garmin GPSmap78S which I got for a bargain (C$200 at CT). I have installed the Garmin Communicator in my computer (MBP) and when I try to download geocaches into my GPS by clicking "send to GPS", the computer says it can see my unit and that the information was successfully written. However, when I check for geocaches in my GPS, the unit says no geocaches found. Am I doing it right or there are other hoops to jump before I can "send" the coordinates to my GPSr? Hope someone can help or guide me. My daughter and I really want to start geocaching tomorrow.

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I had a 76S and had the same problem. They transferred over as a waypoints instead of a geocache mainly because it's not paperless and will not accept GPX files. I'm not familiar with the 78 but if you can pull up waypoints on the unit I'll bet you will find your caches with a GC number in place of the cache name.

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