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Comapring eXplorist finds with geocaching.com

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My Magellan eXplorist is saying that I've collected 62 caches, and geocaching.com is saying that I've only logged 58. Is there an easy way to compare which ones I've found through my eXplorist and which ones I've forgotten to log?


Edit: Reworded.

Edit: Found solution.


Ok. I figured it out. If you accidentally "fat finger" the wrong button for the option "Found it", or "Didn't Find it" on the eXplorist, it saves what you originally put as your total regardless if you try to correct the error. For example:


Say you have 49 finds, and you're at a cache site but could not find the specific geocache. So, you're scrolling down on your eXplorist to hit the "Didn't Find" button, but you accidentally hit the "Found it" button. Whoops. A message pops up saying: Congratulations on your 50th cache! And now it's permanently in your eXplorist Stats regardless if you go back and change the "Found it" status to "Didn't find" status. This explains why my count was incorrect on my GPS, but correct on the geocaching.com site. The only way to fix it is to completely erase all of your stats (which I did, but still managed to mess the count up by accidentally hitting "Found it" instead of "Didn't find it" on only one *yeesh*.)


You'd think that there would be an option to manually change your stats, or at the very least, logging a cache as "Found it" then changing the same cache to "Didn't find it" would correct the issue...but apparently it does not. It seems like a simple issue to fix, but I'll just deal with it. :signalviolin:

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