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2. You assure us that you have the landowner's and/or land manager's permission before you hide any geocache

Acorn House

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My housemates and I started Geocaching in Jan this year and we bought a geocache to hid in February. We are at the 40 cache mark now and I have found a really good hiding place so I believe it is high time that we got this thing hidden (It has been filled with awesome goodies too)


However, as you can tell by the title, I have no idea how to work out who owns this piece of land. I know it's not private in the sense that anyone can walk there but I have no idea if it's privately owned or what geocaching rules there are for public land. Can anyone help? How do you find this information? I have found some land registry websites but you need postal addresses for searches.

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It's not easy but well done for even bothering - I'm sure many people don't bother.

First step is probably to look at Magic Map using this link. There's a bt of help on that page as well.

Also, try the GAGB forum where there's a list of existing landowner agreements.


If an owner can't be identified then you could ask someone living close by the land.

You could also try contacting existing cache owners in the area.


And try asking of the UK forum here

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First, have you checked that there is no other cache within 528ft of your really good hiding place?


As for finding the landowner, I'd suggest trying the local parish council, or whoever lives in the nearest farm house.


As you're in UK, have a look at this site and the "Hiding a Cache" section may help you:


Follow the Arrow - Geocaching Resources for the UK and Ireland.


MrsB :)

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