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dash for the cache


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We are having a dash for the cache event, and they give us a list of gc#s and cache names but the coords will not be available until the cache posts. is there a way to make a list that will help when they post becuse i will not have a computer to download them when they post?

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Well, without a computer at-hand, my only thought is (at a minimum) a mobile device with internet capabilities.

You will need instant notifications set up for the 'Published' log type so you know as soon as possible when they get published.

You will need to at least be able to view the cache information on the WAP site, since instant notifications DO NOT include cache co-ordinates.

Then you will probably need to resort to the ol' pen and paper method of recording the co-ordinates to be manually entered into your GPSr.


A step up would be to have a more advanced (smart)phone with one of the Geocaching apps installed. Once you get the notification, you could search for the new cache via the app and (in most cases, as far as I know) navigate directly there using the smartphone.


Of course, all this depends on you having a good cell signal wherever you are when the caches get published.

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