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Cache Wars: The Cache Strikes Back


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Never tell me the odds!


Following up last year's Cache Wars event. This year's will be on Saturday, May 5th (May the 4th be with you!)

Cache Wars II Event: The Cache Strikes Back


The bounty hunter coin will be available in limited quantities in early May:

Trackable: YES

Metal: Black Nickel

Size: 2"

Features: glow in the dark targeting computer and glitter

Tags or inserts: Not this time





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Can you hold one for me?


and are you going to be at GWX?


And would you hold it for me there to pick up from you?




Awesome. Can't wait to finally meet you, and some of the other coiners here on the forums. A small group from Fort Smith are all going to work the trackable exchanged area for a shift (gotta do my volunteering time you know!), but the rest of the time, I plan to go meet lots of people. Need to see if I can get a hatband for my hat embroidered with a TB number. *puts that on his to-do list for May*

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