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Pirate High Seas Adventure


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So Chris Mackey has done it again! He's gone and designed a fantastic pirate themed coin for my upcoming Pirate Ships event: Pirate High Seas Adventure


Event: Pirate High Seas Adventure

What is it: Goblindust, Shopp99er, TTUMS and Avroair have rented two real pirate ships that were featured in the Pirates of Carribean movie. The ships set sail with 44 passengers each and will battle for 3 hours on the Puget Sound!

The Geocoin: To commemorate the event we designed a geocoin with the help of uber pirate guru Fox and the Hound (Chris Mackey)


Design: A skeletal pirate hand holding an intricate compass

Trackable: YES


Available: August, 2012


Pictured below is the stowaway XLE, one per person for each attendee (antique gold)

Common sale on Geoswag: Copper (not pictured)


This is by far my most favorite Pirate geocoin to date! Sorry for the poor photos:




The compass 3d detailing and skulls are amazing!




How can you get one you might ask?

1) you can wait until August

2) you can buy one of 5 fundraising auctions on ebay, the funds will got to sponsor spots on board the ships.

Auction #1 is here:

Pirate High Seas Adventure auction

3) Come to the event! It's a week after the Groundspeak Block Party!

4) Win a cointest!

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What? You couldn't get a bigger picture??? :laughing: Is it as heavy as we thought it would be?


Yes! It's a hunk of metal. I showed it off at a couple of events and people were really lamenting about how coins have become so light to hold... but this baby will sink ya to down to the briny depths!


The copper version will be available in August.

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