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On vacation and need list of traditionals

Limburgse Beer

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Hello Fellow cachers in the USA,


soon i will be coming over for vacation from the Netherlands. Hoping to do some geocaching also. I am trying to have an offline list of good caches available with me. I got all the earth and virtual caches available in the states California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. Now i am trying to compile a list of Traditionals. The other cache types i just don't have time for. Still on Vacation ;) The amount of traditionals in these 4 states is huge. I wanted to filter on traditional caches with most favorites, but that is not an option in the pocket query generator.


Anyone got good recommendations for traditionals perhaps ? My travel plan is roughly as follows


Los Angeles - Laughlin - Grand Canyon - Moab - Bryce Canyon - Las Vegas - Visalia - Fresno - Yosemite - San Francisco


also including the national parks along the way.


Hoping for good suggestions and tips !

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If you are going from laughton to Grand Ganyon I suspect that you will be taking Interstate Highway 10. To get to Grand Canyon you will turn off at either Williams AZ or Flagstaff AZ. Both towns are cache friendly. Flagstaff has a bunch of chain hotels (Hilton, Marriot, Ramada) to spend the night before or after Grand Canyon.


Here are some notable Earth Caches in the area. There are traditional caches nearby that I haven’t listed because they are within the national forest or park and are obvious.


GC10959 / Elden Pueblo / Earth / Pre Columbian Indian Village

GC12CZN / Old Caves Crater / Earth / Great Hike

GCZ5H6 / Walnut Canyon Geological Sampling / Earth/ Pre Columbian Indian Village

GCZ5W1 / Wupatki Pueblo Blowhole / Earth / Pre Columbian Indian Village

GCZ5W7 / Wupatki Ripple Marks / Earth

GCZ5W5 / Citadel Sink - Wupatki NM / Earth


Williams AZ caches

GC6E48 / Eight Cribs

GC1GH8N / Spirit of Williams

GC2B7H7 / Star od Williams

GC2AY2R / Bearizona

GCNQKY / Route 66 TB Hotel – Great place to drop off a TB from NL.



GC3EJTA – HistoricAZ66 Flagstaff

GC2YDP8 / Organ Pipes

GC1A2KV – Flg RT66-1 (Therer are 10 Flg Rt66 themed caches. This is the first


The Lumberyard Brewery in Flagstaff is a great place for a meal and beer.


Your itinerary is very ambitious. I don’t know how many days you plan for your vacation. You might want to use Map Quest to plan your routes and determine driving time. Ask yourself, do Iu want to see the Western USA or the USA Interstate Highway System.


Here is my standard visitor warning. You will be in the high desert. Drink water. Wear sun screen (SF 30+) Wear a wide brim hat.



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I will be heading to San Diego area next week and have to cache wanting you know any special one that I just can not miss. Also which of the older caches are not a long hard walk will be taking a newbie out and she can not walk very far. Thanks for any help jamie <_<

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