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I’ve just started geocaching and love it! I would spend $30 on a membership to get access to the member only caches. Are they any different? Are they, on average, “better”?


I’ve been so thrilled with this newfound hobby and the services that Geocaching.com provides that I’ll probably pay out the money anyway, but just wondered if there is any differences in the caches you could expect to find as a member. I definitely get enjoyment from the search itself, but it would be nice to be rewarded once in a while with something besides a Happy Meal toy

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I posted it in another thread...


Members Only caches aren't the best reason for contributing to the site. Members Only caches do not insure quality contents of the caches - they're just not visible to the casual public. Of the 443 caches within 100 miles of my home, there's not a single Members Only cache.


IMHO, there are two great reasons for becoming a charter member.


  • The pocket queries that allow you to have specialized queries on the cache database for proximity, difficulty level, found/not found, etc., etc. and have it dump it to a LOC file appropriate for downloading directly to your GPS and through Geobuddy exporting that info to MS Streets & Trips.
  • Supporting this site that has given me so much enjoyment



Chicago Geocaching

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I too have subscribed to this website for all of the stated reasons. However, in its infinite wisdom icon_confused.gif Microsoft Outlook Express flags all of the loc files (including those zipped up) as unsafe attachments. Has anybody else encountered this lunacy? Thanks for any assistance you can provide and happy geoCaching!! icon_smile.gif

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I too have subscribed to this website for all of the stated reasons. However, in its infinite wisdom icon_confused.gif Microsoft Outlook Express flags all of the loc files (including those zipped up) as unsafe attachments. Has anybody else encountered this lunacy? Thanks for any assistance you can provide and happy geoCaching!! icon_smile.gif

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I have outlook, and zip files are always ignored. Is there some other virus software out there checking your zip files?


And to answer your original question, do not register for the purpose of seeing member only caches. There is no guarantee that the level of member only caches are a higher standard than any others.




Jeremy Irish

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I recently got a batch of Security updates from Microsoft & one of them changed Outlook Express 6 to not allow zip files down.


You can easily remove this restriction by selecting Tools>Options>Security

Check Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus


That should sort it.



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If I remember correctly, I started paying my $3 a month before there were any extra ''features'' for doing so.


I've generally found that the only reason caches are made 'members only' is to prevent them from being looted by non-cachers (including park administrators, which may not work), or to limit seekers to cachers who are really 'into it.'


The tangible advantages you get from your membership fee probably aren't worth it. If you're paying it to support Geocaching.com, though, I think it's a great deal.


(At $3 a month, it's come out to about 20¢ per cache. Good deal, I think.)


"Why don't you just ask somebody?"

"No, no. I've got a map. Don't worry about that."

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My outlook express has never warned me about a zip file...


But it does like to give me two copies of every message I receive.


That is, when I log on, and it retrieves my mail from Hotmail, usually (but not always) it lists a duplicate for each new mail that I have. If I click on the refresh button, the dupes will go away, but its very annoying. Anyone have a fix for this?



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I paid my $ 30 because I do not want to see Pop Up ads appearing here. Running a web site is expensive and I appreciate the fun I get out of Geocaching.


When I create a new cache or Travel Bug, I make it members only until after the first member finds it. Then I open it to the public. So, yes, membership does have a tangible reward to those who support the site financially.


Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

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One thing new folks might not realize, I know I didn't, is that members-only caches do show up in your searches, you just can't go to the cache page. They'll have the little charter member bust icon (small_profile.gif ) next to the name and "Members only" under the date in the search results.


For a long time, I assumed that MO caches were completely invisible, and that I'd only know how many were in my area when I became a member. Only when I stumbled upon one in a search did I learn the truth.



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You don't know about the "other" site? Hee hee!


Actually there are two (or more) other sites, but there is only one "other" site.


A quick internet search will give you the answer.


We are members of both sites and enjoy them both.

This site is more popular and has a lot of loyal members that don't even bother checking out any other geocaching websites. Alot of members here

pay the charter membership and back up Jeremy to the fullest. Thirty dollars a year for a membership is a fair price.


The other site has a lot to offer too, though. There might not be as many caches listed, but it has a lot of other useful information and great links. With this sport growing so much, we will continue to use both sites to obtain all the information we can.






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After almost a year of taking advantage of the great features of geocaching.com, I figured I would contribute my membership fee with open arms. Jeremy and others work hard,long, fair, and unobtrusively to produce a quality website. And yes, no pop-up ads are a blessing. I am actually surprised there are not more charter members considering what you get for your fee.

Giving is getting. What goes around comes around.


David Berne

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I joined and became a charter member before ever going out to a search for a cache. The reason,

I looked over this website and found it full of good folks expressing their support of this site.

I would have been a slacker not to share the load.

I have never been a slacker. I know of one though.


I have flouted the wild, I have followed its lure, fearless. familar, alone; yet the wild must win,

and a day will come when I shall be overthrown. By: Robert Service

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Clayjar has been coding this program for pocket queries and it's so so cool! Unbelievable! I've been caching with Ttepee, but she has so many more finds than I do, so it's hard for me to pick somthing to do with her, without reading all of the logs. Now she simply sends me her pocket query for her founds, and I merge it to my list and then I can weed out all the ones we've both found already and find caches to search for without spending all morning reading cache logs. Thank you CJ! Thank you! More time for caching now!


You all can find the feature presentation explaining it here at CJ's site right here and see the presentation, it does a great job of explaning what Watcher does. GC.com on steroids for sure.

I think I'll throw a little something in CJ's tip jar, he's worked so hard on this. It shows.


Cache you later,



I feel much more like I do now than when I first got here.


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Regular caches.......and member only caches....is the person that placed them. I started out with my family and was soon hooked. I've NEVER before supported any web-site...but this was different. The service is great to be able to use if for free if your just beginning or want to introduce somebody to the sport. But we figured the small price was well worth it!!! I will be putting out one or two regular caches for non-members...but my best caches will definately be members only!! Hopefully, they will be more likely to trade even or trade up....instead of plundering the cache as soom seem to do.


We're going on a treasure hunt...we're not quite sure just where...but with our trusty GPS, we'll find a cache stashed there!!

By Daughter Cheryl

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I have a question about Membership. Hubby and I paid one membership fee (on MY handle). We found a couple of MO caches on a recent trip, and hubby obviously could not log them. Have you ever considered a "Family" membership fee structure that would give couples and families with multiple "handles" a bit of a price break? We agree with everyone that says the "perks" are not the best reason for membership; we need to support the growth of the site. But if one member of a couple is unemployed or a stay-at-home (our situation), or if there are children to take care of, a bit of a price break would be a real boon. Even $5 off subsequent same-family "handles" would be a help. That's $5 more per person to spend on cache fodder, containers, gasoline (UGH. don't get me started on gas prices!), the GPSr ... whatever. Any opinions?


Happy Trails,



... I can quit any time I like ... really, I CAN!!


Candy (Moosiegirl)http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CentralTexasGeocachers/

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I too have never paid for a site before, but it didn't take me a few days after I found this site and did 8 some finds to where I decided to join, I did it to help out the owners. I have two websites one makes me money but the other is an information site and it's the one that takes all my time, with no money intake at all. I know how it is to run a site. Plus if I remember right this site has 4 machines to run it and that takes a lot of work and $$$ to keep them running. I love this Sport!!! I have so many ideals for some great caches I can't wait to get them out there!


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