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Original Dutch Clay Coin


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I think I have something with 50 at the moment. This is post #50 :D


As it looks like at the moment, there will be not enough coins for everyone who would like to trade one I'm afraid. Maybe I have to considder a V2, trackable but non-numbered.


If it is a different design, I'll have to trade for that one too! :D

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Received our Dutch Clay Coin as part of a trade today. Thanks so much for the very nice coin. We have quite a few coins that have been traveling successfully for a few years. Some have been well over 20K miles. This one will stay in our collection to be displayed at some of our local events.

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Today I had the pleasure of seeing the result of the first "Original Dutch Clay Logbook"







This is a very nice piece to remember a great event


(sorry for the big size of the last picture, I don't know what happend)


what a wonderful thought..congratulations!


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