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How do I email a fellow geocacher ?

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As a newbie, I'd like to know how to email a fellow geocacher. Thanks


There are many ways to contact another geocacher.

Under hide and seek a cache option (tab at the top of the main GC page) you can type their name in the box "Caches found by" or "Caches hidden by". Also, if you know of any caches they have found, you click on their name by their log on that cache page. One benefit of the Friends feature is quick access to their profile and thus email link as well.

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As a newbie, I'd like to know how to email a fellow geocacher. Thanks


I clicked on your screen-name (shall1945) on the top left of your forum post. That took me to your profile. Included in your profile is a send message link.

E-Mail Address: Send Message


Click on my name to bring up my profile, find the link, and send me a message if you would like to try it. Take notice you do have the option to include, or NOT include, your email address with your message.

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