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Problems Using Builder's Maps with Terra?

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Look closely at RangerFox's signature. It has several alternative (tolerated) builders that should give you better results. Earwigo comes with full map support and I think Urwigo as well (I use Earwigo so can't be sure about Urwigo). I have never tried the fox's own kit but you should have a look at it as well.

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Let me answer the question of "will they update it" by telling you a few of my recent experiences.


In April 2012, I approached Groundspeak with the completion code issue. I provided several alternatives, one of them being something that would not jeopardize any existing code or operations. This issue has yet to be resolved, though I still mention it.


In late January 2013, Groundspeak's builder application experienced its Google Maps API key problem. I came out with a temporary fix and immediately alerted Groundspeak (in that order). I was assured this was something of importance and they'd come out with an updated version of the builder to address this problem. It's May and I haven't heard of any such update just yet. If I ever get my hands on the builder's source code, I hope to learn why.


Now, the TerraServer problem has existed for a few years. What are the odds this will be fixed? I'm doing the best I can with what I have.

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