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Downloading caches to my oregon 450

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Thinking I spent a lot of money for nothing. Being a Premium Member, entitles me to do PQ's and download caches to my oregon, boys do I need help. I have an old copy of GSAK 6.6.5, I guess this will not work with the oregon. I can transfer the geocaches from GSAK to Mapsource and transfer to my gps, just shows waypoints. I would like to just hit the Geocache button on the oregon and see a list of caches...noway.. There has to be a simple way to load caches to this oregon 450, if not shes going on the auction block...lol. Any suggestion on this problem I'm having would be great.





ps spent hours trying to get the dang things loaded.

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It is simple.


Hook the unit up to your PC via USb cable. It will show as a drive.


Unzip the GPX file. Place the unzipped GPX file onto the device in the [drive]:\garmin\gpx folder




Go Caching.


No software at all required beyond your computer OS.

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