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How do i list caches with modified coordinates

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Bookmark caches as you correct the coords, then you'll have that list. And if you PQ from that list, you'll get your corrected coords.


You don't get your cache notes, as far as I know, they're only available on the page as displayed on the website. You could bookmark those caches though, so at least you'd be able to see where you'd added notes

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Is there a way to list or otherwise identify caches for which I have entered modified coordinates without have to check the individual cache listing?


I submitted a feature request to do this a couple of weeks ago. There is a similar request to identify caches which have corrected coordinates on the map page. Most of the responses think these are good ideas and most of the discussion is around what to use for an icon. For a cache results listing I suggested just adding the same pencil icon used to enter corrected coordinates in one of the columns in the list. So far, GS hasn't confirmed whether or not they plan on implementing either feature request.

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