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Satellite/Aerial Imagry Handheld Roundup/Experience

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Do a bit of backcountry skiing/hiking here in Oregon. Skiing was great this past weekend, but the trees got a bit thick half way down. One glance at imagery at home later showed a much better route.... If I'm organized, I'll often paste screen shots from Google or ArcGIS onto my phone and take that with or print it out. Oregon is terrible for cell coverage - not an option to use the cell network.


So I'm thinking maybe my trusty 60csx could do with a imagery compatible upgrade. Spent the last half hour poking around but thought some real experience might be more direct.


- We cache some, pretty much any gps will suite our needs for this.

- Not a fan of subscriptions, One off purchase ok, not worried about instant changes in imagery

- Like Garmin's openess for creating your own maps... Is there a similar effort for imagery layers:

- Anyone have experience with Mobile Atlas Creator? Looks like the Google earth imagery option was just pulled? Any other way of getting Google/ whomever's imagery onto your Handheld?


- Any general sites with reviews of imagery overlay handhelds?



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not a fan of subscriptions

That's a shame - it's the easiest way to get a consistent bunch of imagery, whether you go with DeLorme or Garmin.


You absolutely can find, download, stitch together all the maps you want for "free" using something lile MOBAC. But time is money and the subscription fees you don't like would certainly save you more than $30/year in effort.



Image used by permission.

Source: XKCD

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Now that PC mentioned the DeLorme subscription ($30 per year for unlimited downloads), here is something that I made:



After building the trail on the imagery, it can only be uploaded onto a DeLorme handheld GPSr such as:



Note that the view on the handheld will only be in 2D.

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