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Any Ham Radio Operators Here?

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I first found out about Geocaching in 2005, while on a hike to a mountaintop to set up a portable ham radio UHF setup for one of the summer contests. While talking to another ham, he told me there was a cache on the summit where I was...and the rest is history. Geocaching, hiking, and ham radio all go together perfectly for me. My call is WA1VVH. If you are around Nashua, NH or the northeastern MA area, give me a call on the 224.640 repeater, or late nites on the 145.47 (PL136.5) repeater!

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KJ6LMB here from Los Gatos, CA Spyder woman to other cachers. I am looking for a fun way to

utilize my ham radio besides participating in emergency drills and weekly net meetings. Maybe while Geocaching. I have heard about Fox hunting, but haven't tried it yet. I am glad to have found this forum. Thanks.

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South Central PA

Got my ticket up north

New to geocaching



I've tried fox hunting once, I was the fox not the hound. I have also done a few geocaching hunts with my kids. I work for a school district and am trying to marry the three activities; education, amateur radio, geocaching.

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We ought to start a Geocaching net or maybe a couple on different bands. Maybe at least come up with some "Geocaching frequencies."


If you are in the Black River Valley (Northern NY) look for KC2WI on the Black River Valley ARC repeater 146.955 (no pl). Echolink node AB2XN. Approximate location 18 T 473621 4850248. see brvarc.org. Lewis County Roundatable nightly at 8 PM local.


You might find me on the Boonville NY repeater 146.655 (no pl) instead. see qsl.net/boonvillearc Black River Valley Service Net most nights at 9 PM local.


If you are looking for caches in southern Hamilton County, put out a call on the Speculator repeater 147.165 (no pl.) see sparcham.org. Several geocachers in the Speculator club. ARES training net Mondays 6:30 PM local.


Elsewhere in the Adirondacks, see nnyara.net.


Portable operators might also be interested in FireTowerRadio.net and the W2/GA Summits On The Air list. I know for a fact that there is at least one cache on the top of a firetower/SOTA summit, probably there are several.

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