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Any Ham Radio Operators Here?

Guest Anton
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I am a fairly new ham, with a call sign of KG6TES. I received my technician license about 2 years ago and have since worked my way up to Extra Class. I am also fairly new at geocaching. I found my first cache in late December, 2004. Now I am hooked on geocaching.


Pasadena, CA

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Hi Anton,


This is Bob W1ACX from Schuyler Falls, NY. Interesting site you have created here. Have you tried using a GPS in conjunction with a fox hunt? They do it across the lake in VT. I am going to get the info on doing it and I will try it over here.




Bob, W1ACX

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KB3DLP, Jeremy in East Prospect, PA (Eastern York County).


Been involved in MANY fox hunts while living in Florida, moved up to the great north east, did a few more here, did some hybrid fox hunts using gprs and fox hunting. Used a GPS for many years prior to purchasing one myself (usually used the ARES/RACES for drills and set-ups while in florida). Bought one and now about to trek out on a cache hunt on Wednesday..... Just another "hunting" addiction to add to fox hunting and rifle hunting. ;)



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AC7GC Blaine in Glendale, AZ.


Just started Geocaching loads of fun. I hold an Extra licnese. Was up to about 18 words a minute when the rules were changed. Don't use CW much but still find it amazing that sending a bunch of dits and dahs out into the air can send a message.


Might look more into APRS now and see about combining it with Geocaching.

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K4TIM here, Have had Ham ticket for some years, I've been Caching for less than a year, I Ride a Bicycle for my exercise and Cache along the way. I usually take my 2meter handheld to keep in touch if I were to get into trouble. Some of these caches are out in the "Boonies" and it is nice to have a communications link to the world outside of Geocaching. 73

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qrz? Hi, KB4ETT here in Naples FL. I was thinking that a coordinated geocache

and 2 meter event would be fun for the local club. Amateur Radio Operators are

FAR from sitting around the shack all day HIHI. Perhaps a club could have several

teams searching for designated caches and report progress to 'net control' on 2 meters. OR... what about two of these events occuring simultaneously far from each other and have an HF link between the two? (competition amongst club teams, and competition between the two clubs)


This type of activity could combine the fun of geocaching and fox hunting!!


As for DX contacts, check out our clubs upcoming International Space Station

contact on December 12th @ 9.30am.... google search for 'ARISS' amateur radio

on the international space station.... sometimes there is an Echolink audio stream.

The call sign will be K4YHB


Corey Mugaas

President 'Amateur Radio Association of South West Florida' ARASWF


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4Bows I didn't know you were Hams, I just got my ticket KE7FWH

Hi Guys,


I know the 4bows dad, I believe he has a N7??? call. He and I used to talk all of the time when I was mobile down near Twin Falls.


Congratulations KE7FWH, on that new callsign. You did a real nice job on that radio install!!!!


Love ham radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Involved in lot's of ham radio events.


Currently the Vice President of the Boise County Amateur Radio Club, Inc.


and the co-owner of the 145.25 repeater here in Boise, Idaho.


N7VIV.... ;)

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I use Garmin 130/530's in the field with a 3 or 4 bander mobile or HT (GMRS enabled) running a simplex repeater out of the mobile (for increased wattage/coverage during the hunt / event), mostly GMRS in the field, and 2M / 70cM after the hunt to find a good place to eat, especially when traveling back home (upstate NY). A combo that's hard to beat, allows for fox hunting / geocaching, backs up orientering, and keeps the event and all around you, safe, and has even convinced many a Boy Scout leader, let alone hams, to invest in even the cheaper Garmin Rino 120's.... If you have a waterproof Ham HT (I use the VX6&7R), you still can't get the same "bang for the buck" that you can get with the Garmin Rino 530's (even with APRS), so I highly recommend looking at any of the Rino units...

K2FEF - Dad

K2TRF - 11yr old son

WQCC620 - GMRS'd family

Now in Central NJ

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